This is the home site of the group lead by Prof. Ignacio Taboada. This group is dedicated to experimental particle astrophysics. We are involved in two large international efforts, a very high-energy (VHE) neutrino telescope, IceCube, operating at the South Pole and a VHE gamma-ray detector, HAWC, operating at high altitude in central Mexico.

Our group focuses on the search for transient neutrino and gamma-ray sources, such as Gamma Ray Bursts.


Caption: Top left: HAWC, Top right: Selfie at South Pole, Center: Likelihood reconstruction map for a candidate astrophysical neutrino detected by IceCube. Bottom left: Scaler data rate as measured by HAWC on April 27, 2013. Bottom right: A low energy neutrino detected by IceCube.

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